Using the Trail

Download and print the Mahoning Shadow Trail Map 2006
Updated map to be available soon!

Trail Access Points and Parking
1. Fordham Trail Head. Trail parking to the right of the access point.
2. Rose Run Trail Head.
3. Water Street Trail Head. Parking to left of access point.
4. Indiana Street Access. Do NOT park in front of gate; limited parking available across the street.
5. Skateboard Park Trail Head.
6. Cloe Trail Head. Parking available adjacent to access point; do NOT park across street at D&J’s restaurant.
7. Winslow Trail Head. Trail parking is on right.

Trail Etiquette
Think of the trail as a two-lane highway: please stay to the right, pass to the left.
Do not block trail exits and entrances.
Do not litter.
Keep pets on leashes.
Clean up pet waste.


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