2013 Mahoning Shadow Shuffle Results

The Mahoning Shadow Shuffle was held on a beautiful October 12. 38 folks finished the 5K, 26 finished the 10K and 50 brave souls finished the half-marathon!

5K (3.1 miles)
Eric Ingros (1st male finisher; 18:16.2)
Thaddeus Pajak  (2nd male finisher)
Nate Hankinson (3rd male finisher)
Amanda Miller (1st female finisher; 26:31.3)
Reagan Long (2nd female finisher)
Rebecca Maine  (3rd female finisher) with Riley (first canine finisher)

10K (6.2 miles)
Stephanie Sandy (1st female finisher; 50:57.3)
Connie Myers (2nd female finisher)
Fernanda Ryen  (3rd female finisher)
Dylan Buffington (1st male finisher; 34:44.3)
Tom Sneeringer (2nd male)
Martin Whitaker (3rd male)

Half-marathon (13.1 miles)
Marilyn Gregory (1st female finisher; 1:32:27.2)
Rachel DeFreitas  (2nd female finisher)
Nikki Boyles (3rd female finisher)
Curtis Houser (1st male finisher; 1:23:15.3)
Justin Schulte (2nd male finisher)
Richard Albertson (3rd male)

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