2014 Mahoning Shadow Shuffle Results


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5K Women: (left to right)  3rd – Janet Ryen, 1st – Rebecca Maine, 2nd – Hannah Rittenhouse

Displaying 2014 5k top male.jpg5K Men: (left to right) 3rd – Kevin Ingros, 2nd – Ryan Seitz, 1st – Nate Hankinson

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10K Women: (left to right) 3rd – Alena Gourley, 2nd – Stephanie Sandy, 1st – Felicia Bane

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10K Men: (left to right) 3rd – Curtis Smelko, 2nd – Rob Redden, 1st – Neil Orbin

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Half-Marathon Women: (left to right) 2nd – Dodie Mercer, 1st -Renea Shaffer, 3rd – Megan Jewett

Displaying 2014 half top male.jpg

Half-marathon Men: (left to right) 2nd – Lucas Mennetti, 1st – Doug Craft, 3rd – Ron Burkett.

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